cutting question for you guys


New member initial plan for my cutter was prop/tren/winny for 10 weeks....winny the last 6.

due to some complications I am unable to get the tren at this time. and if I wait too late I won't be able to run it. so I was wondering if it'd still be beneficial to run prop/winny for 10 weeks with the Winstrol (winny) at the last 6.

50mgs prop
50mgs winny
t3 pyramid

what do you think?
I would go with what you have bro...unless you can get homemade tren =-] ......remember you make your body with diet and training....gear is only a tool
Yes you can cut fine on prop and Winstrol (winny). Rember Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are tools to aid you wether dieting or bulking. They dont make or break the results.
Thanx guys....the homemade tren was going to be a part of it...but it would've been from powder not pellets...there's just been so many complications that I'm tired of waiting. But here's another question...I'm pyramiding my t3 up to 75 mcgs for about 10 days during the pyramid.....will I have enough androgens to hold on to most of my muscle with the prop???
Put your protein at around 2g per lb, and yes you should. I would add clen, or at least eca, they seem to be somewhat anit-catabolic while on T3