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I am going to be making an attempt to cut and was wondering how much cardio is too much right now i am doin a hour at a time three or four times a week...

any other suggestions to help cut down?
How much do you want to cut? Big cutters should have 30-45min cardio 6 times a week, combined with a low cal, proper diet and weight training 3-4 times a week.
right now i am doing everyother day for 60 to 70 minutes after my lifting

Last test with the calipers was approx 17 and I want to get down to about 10
Weight training takes prescedence over cardio. If you do cardio first, you will not have much energy to lift heavy. Also, after weight training your body is ready to burn more calories because you have probably burned food cals you were storing for energy.
i just like to do it after because i feel like lift is the heart of my workout and if i cant lift to the potential i want to because i am drained for cardio naturally that will go second then....