cycle help.


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I have been training natural for 6 years and i am about 195 natural and 6 feet tall.

I am gonna buy some deca and sus from some dude at the gym. He said he would give me a bottle of 10cc deca for $100.00 a bottle and some sus at $11 a bottle. I think he said $370.00 for everything. am i getting ripped? or is this legit.

He said he would give me some novadex and some pins too.

This is gonna be my first cycle and i am confused kinda on cc's and milliliters. I know i must sound like an dork but i want to get bigger and i was hoping that you guys could help me determine a good cycle for myself.

I think you need to do some more research before you start, you don't sound like you're educated enough.


And yeah that seems little pricey, but not REALLY bad I guess, I don't know what gym prices are. What kind of deca is it? mg/mL?
ok thanks for the respones, i think i meant how many mg's is in a 10 cc bottle and is that enough for a 8 week cycle of deca?

I am not sure what deca it is yet.
I can't tell you how many mg in that bottle of deca, YOU have to tell us. There is 50mg/mL deca all the way to 300mg/mL deca.

But you need to hang around for quite a while and do research, you don't know near enough to even think about doing a cycle.
listen to doc and grafix , hang around listen learn and ask questions then cycle , you can always move forward but you cant go back , your first cycle should be one of your best dont waste it by not being ready
wait this out bro! you have no idea what you are doing by the looks of things. do some research and learn. that does seem quite pricey! test/deca is a good cycle, esp. for beginners.