Cycling AI (6OXO,Nolva,clomid..etc) as standalone not as PCT


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The title is my main questioin in dealing with Aromatase inhibitor (AI), as an alternative to enhancing test boosting abilities within the body. I'm wondering if you were to combo nolvadex/clomid for 2-4 weeks would be of any use compared to say arimidex/clomid or nolva? Im curious about these potent substances im unsure which goes with which. I'm only aware of Forza-T or 6OXO cycles of 4-8 weeks to get mild effects. Again these cycles are by itself I dont want to know about it s use as a PCT, i want to know the compensation effect of the diminished estrogen to increase of testosterone happens, i want to know if its a viable alternative to lets say, different tribulus products as the only means.
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I ran both clomid and fertodur (cyclofenil) 'cycles' before I ever touched an anabolic. I was young at the time and wanted to stay away from anabolics as long as possible, yet still wanted an edge. Surprisingly, I did notice results from each 'cycle', and I was even accused of being 'on' a couple times. My results were not comparable to later cycles, but I certainly noticed a difference in the form of increased strength, a harder look, and a few extra lbs of lbm.
fertodur huh whats that, sounds like something you wont be able to acquire in a health store hehehee.