600mg Test Blast, no HCG or AI, Bloodwork Results, NOT GOOD!

30 year old male
6***8217;2 190lbs
TRT for 3 years
Normally 200mg Test weekly

Decided to blast, these are my bloods at 6 weeks on 600mg/wk with no other drugs


Hematocrit is high
AST is high

Testosterone is 1253 which I think is about right for 600mg/wk right? So I assume the gear is legit..

LH is low
FSH is low
Estradiol is high

So yeah.. some things are certainly out of whack... not really having any crazy side effects though other than minor acne, and well, sex doesn***8217;t feel as good as it should.

There***8217;s a Male Health Clinic in town that treats for TRT, the lady said she starts people off at 200mg/wk, HCG, and an AI. They monitor bloods and help you get dialed in. I might need to stop the blast and go do that so I***8217;m under the care of a doctor who knows what they***8217;re doing.

so good to do it that way for sure, ithey help you get dialed into your ai.