deca gyno


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Im doing 400 mg a week of deca only. also 0.3 arimidex ED.
This is my 7. week.

Today i felt something like a little lump just above the nipple. when I touch it it doesnt hurt or itch or anything. When I touch it I can feel my "musclefibres" in my chest if you know what I mean. It feels like it a big fibre. My brother touched it and sayt its just my chestmuscles???

Hope you guys can help me out a little, im freaking out.
There's been opposing opinions on the effectiveness of Nolvadex in Deca related gyno but at this point I'd be giving it a try ASAP! It definitely sounds like the onset of gyno and the sooner you stop it the better. You may also want to try some bromo.
You should look into bromocriptine or some dostinex. I would get a little worried if it would hurt you but since you feel no pain its probably just some nipple fat!
But it doesnt feel uncomfortable at all. And will it grow bigger soon, so ill wil know its not a muscleknot or something?
Gyno doesn't have to hurt, be itchy or have any kind of soreness. It can still be gyno and it can still get worse.

Gyno feels much different than just muscle fat. A fibrous "knot" is gyno.