Deca - I feel like death warmed up


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Hi Guys- I've learned alot from the board but I'm hoping you can help with any suggestions to why I feel the way I do.

I'm doing a Deca only cycle - First cycle - everything is okay in the gym but is it normal to feel like complete shit, I mean I'm really tired all the time, croutchy, irritable and worst of all I've got to literally force the food down when normally my diet is spot on. I seen you guys were talking about eating more so I upped the cals to 5500 a day and increased the carbs a little as well thinking it may be an energy problem.

Focus in the gym is fine, showing a slight increase in strengh, I'm only 2 weeks into the cycle.

Should I wait for the Deca to really kick in, as it takes a while to get going, or should I introduce a little test as well to help with the shitty way I feel.

The Deca is by Norma (2ml vial - 100mg per ML), I'm doing 400mg for the first 2 weeks and then 200mg for weeks 2 - 6. I know its quite a short cycle and most of you would probably have this much before your breakfast but any ideas would be appreciated. I'm going off to the gym now, which is probably the only place I feel awake at the moment so hopefully you guys can help me out in the mean time. Thanks.:sleep2:
I want to start off telling you that I used deca for my first cycle with good results. If you deca is real there is no reason you should feel bad, you should feel better. You need to keep it at 400 a week for the whole cycle, along with extending it to 10 weeks. I am assumimg you are running such a short time because you have limited deca, get more otherwise the results you see from six weeks will not be worth the $investment you spent. Get more Deca, there is no reason to use test on your first cycle.
Cheers for the input.

I can get more Deca no problem at the minute, I have no reason to doubt its authenticity, so I'll increase it to 400mg and do the 10 weeks. I just thought that 10 weeks might be a bit too long for a first cycle. I just got back from the gym and feel great, great workout and all but I know I'll start feeling like hell shortly, I just hope it passes. Thanks.
I definitely agree about the length of the cycle, you are looking at around 3 weeks till you have even blood levels, so I'd run it for at least the 10 weeks, and you'll need to wait 3-4 weeks after your last shot before starting clomid as its such a long acting ester. During those last few weeks while waiting for the esters to taper out, you could run something short acting like dbol to keep your blood levels up.

As for feeling crappy, I've run deca a few times and never felt anything like that
ok I usually just scan over here, great site, but have to jump in and suggest that a deca only cycle can be very unhealthy and produce the like shit symptoms you are having ... basically what happens is the deca can shut down your T levels to a very minimal level and the deca being a progestin will not be able to substitute in your body all the benefits of T. so if you are susceptable to deca's dark side this may be what you are experiencing. i suggest just get on an Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) dose about 200mg T /wk and run that 2-3 weeks past your last deca shot, then start clomid 2 weeks after your last shot of T