Deca with a fat burner?


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I'm kinda new to the game, ive taken winnie and anavar, hated winnie, loved anas :rockband: anyway i was considering using deca alone with a fat burner, im 6'2 240LBS. if anyone could help me out i would apprecitate it
If you're going on a cutter, there is no reason not to stack a fatburner with deca. However, deca as the only Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) is a poor choice.
im a little hesitant of taking test due to i dont want to get bloated, "bitch tits", and i have a bad temper as it is and dont wanna get "roid rage". any suggestions?
Yes, do some more reading. Roid rage does not exist, if you have a bad temper then that is your own doing, steroids don't control your actions. Most people do not get bloated when taking a convervative amount of testosterone, and if you do it's easily combated with supps. (such as Adex) and "bitch tits" are easily combated with Nolvadex or Adex or Aromasin.

Test is the safest steroid to use, except maybe var - which is probably not going to much for you as far as gains go.

Honestly, if you do your research you will realize that test isn't as bad as itsounds.I's a lot better than winnie as far as how "bad" it is for you.
Deca And Winstrol (winny) Dog, If You Want To Keep Your Gains....go Look At And Read That Chart ..go To The Area Were It Says,"able To Keep Gains"....deca And Winstrol (winny) Are The Highest In That Area...test Only Has 1 Star While Deca And Winstrol (winny) Have 5..easy Math...4 Is Better Than 1...