Dexter Jackson wins GNC Show of Strength


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Dexter Jackson edged out Jay Cutler to win the $100k prize. Good shit. Dexter has looked great this year.

Atlanta, Georgia; Saturday, November 8, 2003
2) Jay Cutler (USA)*
3) Kevin Levrone (USA)*
4) Dennis James (USA)
5) Günter Schlierkamp (Germany)
6) Darrem Charles (Trinidad and Tobago)
7) Chris Cormier (USA)
8) Melvin Anthony (USA)
9) Toney Freeman (USA)
10) Johnnie Jackson (USA)
11) George Farah (USA)
12) Rodney St. Cloud (USA)
13) Aaron Maddron (USA)
14) Stan McCrary (USA)
15) Claude Groulx (Canada)
Qualifies for 2004 Mr. Olympia contest
Dexter Jackson Upsets Jay Cutler at GNC

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson sliced himself a piece of glory Saturday night by edging Jay Cutler at the GNC Show of Strength in Atlanta. Cutler, who was coming off a three-country European Tour that took place last weekend, fell to Jackson in a classic “apples and oranges” comparison, which had the lighter, tight-waisted competitor overcoming Cutler’s more massive power physique. It was the second time in as many years that the GNC has been the scene of an upset in the sport. Last year, Gunter Schlierkamp shocked Ronnie Coleman in New Orleans, a stunning decision that affected the sport for an entire year.
An emotional Jackson accepted the GNC SOS championship belt and the $100, 000 first-place check, then, in a poignant moment, invited his wife Carol onstage. Cutler, used to standing alone in the winner’s circle, took the defeat like a man, exhibiting his trademark professionalism while congratulating The Blade. Finishing third was Kevin Levrone, markedly improved from his Mr. Olympia condition from two weeks earlier, when he placed sixth.

Rounding out the top six were Dennis James in fourth, Schlierkamp in fifth and Darrem Charles in sixth. Chris Cormier’s attempt to reclaim his brilliant form fell short, apparently still affected by the illness that forced him to skip the Mr. Olympia contest.


Good shit damn I email Dexter and he actually emails back (got from his website). Damn he has a superb physique at his height!!! Im glad he won it was a well deserved win considering all the mass monsters these days getting bigger and bigger.
its funny seeing gunther dwarf everyone else in that line up. personaly i think cutler should ahve won, but ill never judge untill i see a show in person. pics dont tell everything.
Dexter really looked awesome in person. I've never seen an oblique/rectus complex quite like his. He seemed to be a crowd favorite as well. Gunter is so massive it's almost too much.
Dex looks sick from behind, Gunther looks like complete shit from behind. The decisions seemed warranted, You just cant compare that taper of dexs to anyone else in that pic. Looks very close between dex and cutler until they turn around, just comparing the pics above as that is all i have seen.
If Ronnie where in that show he would have came second......great to see someone with great lines take the top spot....
BTW Darrem Charels did not look to shabby either
Yo did u see the pic of ruhl at the olypia! He didn't compete, but came to chill and sign autographs! HE look so wide, he is almost as wide as a truck!
Darrem, Dexter, Ahmad Haddar are definetely my favorites. I could actually aspire to look something like that one day or close to it. Cutler and Gunter? I'd rather be 180lbs than look like them.