2003 San Francisco Pro Results

mvmaxx said:
And he's loaded now too. They totally jacked up the winnings for the Arnold this year (from $100k to $250k I think) and now he wins this one and the Ironman too. :eek2:

RC is history.
Hope he uses some of that $ on anti-e's:D

I went to that show. I did not go to the contest cuz the price was too high for me right now. But I did go to the expo. one of the security gaurds let us in to the VIP section after pre-judging. We got to meet all the competitors and take pictures with them all. They were all pretty cool. My 5 year old son was really excited to meet them. Jay Cutler and Chris Cormier gave my son autographed pictures for free.

Gunter outweighed Ronnie by 25 pounds(325-300). He just looked better too. He was a little more personal as well. It was funny, they had Gunter's table right next to Ronnie's table. You can see them looking at each other every once in awhile. I was talking to gunter about the O, and he was whispering to me so that Ronnie would not hear is plans!!LOL

I met Milos Sarcev as well. Very nice guy. It was kind of weird hearing a pro talk about steroids. They usually don't. He was saying how steroids are not bad for you as long as you don't abuse them, etc.!!

Stan Mcrary was a freaking space cadet!! He looked like he was high as shit! He was the only one that me and my son did not get a picture with. We stood right in front of him, and he was looking into 'outer space'!!

How come I did not see Kevin Levrone's name on that list? I peeked at the pre-judging and saw him onstage. Maybe I was trippin!!