2003 San Francisco Pro Results


Steelers = SuperBowl
1. Jay Cutler -- USA
2. Chris Cormier -- USA
3. Dexter Jackson -- USA
4. Melvin Anthony -- USA
5. Troy Alves -- USA
6. Ahmad Haidar -- Lebanon
7. Quicy Taylor -- USA
8. Claude Groulx -- Canada
9. Johnnie Jackson -- USA
10. Tevita Aholelei -- USA
11. Fred Bigot -- USA
12. Tommi Thorvildsen -- Norway
13. John Hodgson -- England
14. Stan McCrary -- USA
14. Christian Lobarede -- Chili
Do the top three qualify for the Olympia?
Good to see Claude place above some good competitors
Is it the top three that qualify or is it the top five that qualify?
Hopefully, Jay gets that gyno fixed before the Olympia.
You know, I never really noticed it before but it looked pretty bad in some of the pics.
Fyre I looked at the pics yeah he has gyno but not that bad .Nothing that can,t be taken care of.