Dimethyltrienolone....what is it? Do you have any experience with it?


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Hey guys, what is this stuff...dimethyltrienolone? I'm hearing and reading things that sound unreasonable. 100x stronger than tren? Anabolic and androgenic ratings of 10,000? Huh? Surely this is all just unfounded broscience talk right? Has anyone actually tried it? What was your personal experience? Thanks guys!!


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never heard of it here, but i suspect it would reak havoc on your blood levels, E2 levels. sides would be outrageous perhaps?


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first time ive seen that word around here, if i have not seen it here there must be a reason as to why noone around has used it. id say maybe due to the sides like apple mentioned above ^^^^


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Agreed......if its an actual thing, then it sounds like it wouldn't be worth it. But then again, I'd probably wanna try it. Hahahah


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at least its not DNP, which can cause serious harm. not seen many around here say that they use it, but in other forums they talk about it and do it. fools they are who use DNP>