Dnp & Sick question


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i am currently on my 4th day of DNP 250mgs dosage. after today i was going to go up to 500mgs for 2 weeks.

I have been sick since october, but finally got feeling better. (cough congestion) i workoutside...and 2 nights ago, i was outside al night and was up for 24hrs. I got a bad relaps..cough, sneeze, runny nose, congestion...just feeling miserable!

not including the heat from the pills when i sleep at night, it just makes me feel like shit.
my question is, would one advise that i quit DNP till i get completly well? i have not taken my pill today (last pill of the loading stage)..

and i wonder if the fever could lead to more violent sickness...
i work long hours and in the elements. the only time i can take dnp is in the winter months, because it gets so damn hot in the summer time in texas that i wouldnt even consider dosing....

somebody let me know their thoughts...thanks, sorry if i sound iggnorant on the subject. just first time to use DNP
actually both. i am anti dnp. i think if you are sick and have been for that long, that your body is obviously having a hard time getting over whatever it is you have whether it is allergies or something else. so i think unless you are getting ready for a show that it would be a good idea to quit the dnp and let your body get healthy again. good luck.
I'm Pro-DNP and I say give it a break untill you get better, your imune system takes a dip on DNP because of how much it depletes your body while if you stay on you will have a very hard time getting better
Regardless of what you're taking, being sick is going to hinder your gains/goals. Get well, then plan things like DNP cycles, etc.