Does Finasteride hinder gains?


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I read that finasteride hinders strength gains when on? Does anybody had experience with this?
For one thing, I'm not sure any studies have ever been done which look at the drop in DHT levels in people on high doses of AAS. The studies I've seen were all done with men having normal, physiologic levels of testosterone.
For another, even if you drop the DHT levels enough to have a positive effect on the follicle, does that translate into decrease muscle mass? DHT exerts much of its effects in the skin and follicular tissues, test in muscle.
Any other ideas?
Heard that is hinders strength gains more then the mass gains.....that doesn't make since to me......what do you all think?
from "DHT - Is It All Bad? by Patrick Arnold "

..."I have heard several anecdotal reports of individuals who have stacked testosterone with proscar (a 5-AR inhibitor) and have noticed significantly reduced performance enhancement effects. What’s going on here? We know it couldn’t be due to the inhibition of the direct anabolic activity of testosterone on muscle anabolism. Most likely it is due to the reduction of androgenic effects in other parts of the body that contribute to the ergogenic effects, specifically the CNS, which is stimulated by androgens to increase neural output leading to greater strength and greater recoverability. Another possibility is a reduction in the production of androgen dependent liver growth factors (such as IGF-1), since DHT is an important androgen in the liver...."