Doing firts show, need help


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Well my friends have put the bug in me, and keep telling me I am there what ever that means, I am intrested in doing my firts show next March. I will go in at the either heavyweight or super heavyweight. As of now I am at 6 3" 263 and 7% bf (last time taken). My trainer is suggesting to go up to 290 and then begin to cut down. I know nothing about this type of training for doing a show etc.. I would like advice on dieting, and possible training. I will list below my training and gear intake, which I would like to find out about if I need more etc..

Training - Mon - Chest, tri's
Tues - Back and Bi's
Wensd - off (depends onhow my joints are feeling)
Thursday - Shoulder's
Friday - Legs
Note - doing calfs - three days, and abs 3 days a week, cardio 3 days a week. I weak point is my calfs, should I do them more thyan 3 days a week ?

Gear intake - 500mg weekly of Suatanon, 800mg weekly of Nandroplex, 2-5iu's daily of growth.

Dieting - eating 5 to 7 meals daily, a good ratio between carbs and protien. This is wear I need the help in how to fine tune a diet or be able to use and copy what type of diet in needed to gain the weight neccessary. Thanks guys for the feedback !
Congratulations on your decision to do a BB contest! It's the only way you'll find out just what condition you are truly in at this point in your life. I'll make a few suggestions. but I think you'll get your best advise from Needsize, and other members who compete on a regular basis.

First, measuring your bodyfat, (especially with skin calipers), will never give you a true and exact measurement of your body fat. This is due in part because everyone carries fat both viscerally and subcutaneously. Skin calipers can't measure visceral fat stores. The main advantage to measuring your body fat on a periodic basis is to help you to determine if you are moving in the right direction, and at the pace you need in order to look your best on the day of the show. The mirror, or better yet doing photo shoots on a regular basis leading up to the show will be the truest indicator of your condition.

From personal experience I found I need to do cardio up to 45 minutes twice per day to get really shredded. I also found the need to eliminate any training the last week up to the show. This includes the recommended light glycogen depleation training most people advocate doing the last week before the show. For me, even light training causes me to hold excess water under the skin.

You might want to consider doing a series of 2-3 contests next year. The more often you do contest prep the better you'll understand how your body responds, thus the better you'll look.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the tips. I am meeting with a nutrionalist. I had used one when playing ball, and it was helpful.. I got body fat tested today with calipers. He said I am at 9%. I weighed in at 264 today. It is a start.