Doing it right?


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HI guys , I not a newbie ( in my eyes ), I have been training since I was 16 i am 32 now. Used gear off and on since I was 21. I am 5'6" 190 lbs & @ 15 to 20% body fat. My ? is I am getting older and more concerned about my health. I have been doing cycles deca 200 and Alittle Winstrol (winny) for about a year. Have not gone with more from concerns what cycle would by best and of what ?
I would try what SC suggested, but remember that the key to good results is your diet, rest & training hard! Once you have those things in check the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) will just enhance your results and make things come together a whole lot better.
You really didnt say what you wanted from your cycle. Are you looking for small quantities of lean mass, or just big mass? I think a solid idea would be to add a little Dianabol to your current Deca runs for nice size gains. I would be evaluated by your physician to see what your current health status is. Liver values are important here. Otherwise, mild doses of test, eq, deca, winstrol, etc sound like a great start.