Dutasteride vs finasteride - half life. Noob question


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So considering starting a dutasteride protocol to combat DHT induced hair loss. I know the half life of dutasteride is alot longer than that of Finasteride (eg few weeks vs few days). Which I know means that it takes longer to get out of your system

Does this also mean it takes longer to start seeing the effects?

Unrelated side question 2 - I saw Ashton Kutcher say he's off ducasteride because hes trying to have kids. Is it generally advisable to be off dutasteride when you are trying for kids? If so, why?
In my most humble opinion genetics play a factor in male pattern baldness that is widely debated. In the early 20th century, the agreed upon theory was that male pattern baldness was inherited through the mother. Therefore, if a man's maternal grandfather had hair loss, that man would suffer hair loss as well. In the 1980s, the scientific community refuted this concept and posited instead that male pattern baldness could be inherited from either the mother or father.