EASY Test for LOW Thyroid........


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(Caution...if you suspect THYROID dysfunction...ALWAYS consult your physician)

"The best test for thyroid dysfunction, in my opinion, is the basal
body temperature test, developed by Broda O. Barnes, MD, PhD, who studied thyroid problems for 35 years. She claims many people have thyroid problems not picked up by the conventional medical blood tests (I couldn’t agree more). She says patients treated on the basis of his test results have a 90% reduction in incidence of heart disease. His test is done as follows. 1) Shake down an oral thermometer before going to bed, and put it within easy reach of the bed; 2) Upon awakening in the morning, place and hold the thermometer bulb under an armpit and lie still for a full 10 minutes by the clock; 3) Read and record the temperature and date; 4) Repeat for 5 days and calculate the average temperature; 5) If the average is below 97.8 degrees F, suspect hypothyroid; if above 98.4 degrees F
suspect an overactive thyroid (or an infection)--couple this information
with your symptoms (see above for symptoms). If premenopausal, start on day 2, 3 or 4 (day 2 best) of the menstrual cycle (basal body temperature rises and falls just before and after ovulation). Any day is alright for postmenopausal women. Women taking oral or topical progesterone should not take it the day before and days during the Broda test. Be aware that the Broda test is not fool-proof in that adrenal malfunction can also give low temperatures, but the test is still very useful, as Dr. Broda’s experience indicates."

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I have tested my temps upon rising in the manner that the article discussed. I don't remember what my average temperature was, but it was pretty low. Two seperate physicians have told me that this is not a very acurate way of determining thyroid function (I have been known to get more than one opinion). They both had thyroid panels drawn and both of them have said that things were normal. To me this is a good way to check if there might be a problem though.
No offense, but that's a load of bullshit.

My basal temp is 96.8 (not a typo) and I have to eat like a fucking cow just to keep from being a beanpole.

My thyroid levels were checked last year and they're dead center of the range.