Electronic Muscle Stimulation


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This is a question for my training partner...the guy i work out with was wanting me to ask around about electronic muscle stimulation he works for a big marketing firm and they have him traveling for the next 3 1/2 weeks around the u.s. and overseas doing some promotions hes in a different city just about every night...he wont have the time to workout and if he does it will be a the hotel gym or somethin but with jet lag and stuff like that im sure it wont be the best work out. So moving on he wanted to get some input on the EMS systems and whether they work or will work enough to maintain a some of his mass, he got off his last cycle 3-4 weeks ago i believe and hasnt lost but a pound so he has been doing pretty well but doesnt want to lose anymore or keep as much as possible under the circumstances. Any input will be well appreciated. thank
Ive never read anything on the EMS systems but a few weeks off or a few weeks light workouts after a heavy cycle probably wouldnt be the worst thing as long as he kept up his protein and diet.
some squats, push-ups and crunches before taking a shower a night will keep him somewhat maintained...there is no easy way to get it or keep it
The only type of EMS that appears to strengthen muscles is Russian Stim and all the studies done on that were of people who had de-trained atrophied muscles from different injuries. He'd be better off just doing pushups, situps, dips between a chair/bed and find something to do chins from (stairwell railings in hotels sometimes work).
Most hotels have some sort of gym now. Even airports.

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Do basic bootcamp exercises, pushups,situps, dips with two chairs, etc--those electric stimulator machines may have their role in therapy but generally they are not going to do much.
When I was in Europe for 17 days I used to load up my suitcase and do curls, laterals and overhead tricep extensions with it.
I would use a hotel gym. I had a muscle stim machine, to get a hard contraction is VERY uncomfortable.
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