Ephedrine makes u faster?


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Hey, I was wondering does ephedrine make you faster?
As, I came back from football today and was speaking to a fellow teammate and told him about how he was looking more quicker and energised today on the pitch.
Told me he was popping ephedrine and saying how it helps him get that xtra yard.


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This is a loaded question. It has no real answer.
There are so many factors involved here. You may want to rethink and rephrase your question. What do you really want to know about it?


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Buffdoc is right. There's no real answer or proof to that question.

Frankly, it gives you more energy. Whether or not you'll become faster with the energy is solely up to you. As for me, I feel that it provedes enough energy for me to become alot faster on my job.

I work the graveyard shift for CA.'s public transit . My job consists mostly of fueling public buses to begin running during the morning shift. A co-worker of mine laughed and told me that a couple of other guys often called him and I slow. Lately, I would use ECA prior to training at the gym before work. Now, my co-worker told me, they guys don't comment because we often perform more work than they do. I find myself going really fast because I have more energy than I used to. But I also find that I have to continue using that energy throughout the night. I usually try to stay busy, even when our job is done, or else I'll crash (fall asleep) by the time we go on our 2nd break.