ergopharm 1ad


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hey guys,

i'm 41 years old with about 15 yrs. of weight training experience under my belt. i'm quite happy with the results i've had but just like most of you, i'm always in the quest for more lean muscle mass. thinking about running the ergopharm 1ad. i've done lots of research. my question is, since ergopharm has discontinued this product, how will i be sure of the authenticity of the existing products? thanks in advance.

not sure about the authenticity, but the results were amazing for me. I can't recall when I was on 1AD, must have been a few years back...
and, I think that since its been discontinued, they do have an alternative replacement version. Look it up on their site.
thanks nova15566,

what i really want to know is, do you think that the ergopharm 1 ad that i can get from other sources will be the legit stuff? or do you think that it will most likely be counterfeit since ergopharm has stopped producing it? thanks again for your help.
I always wanted to try that...I even went to England to buy some, since prohormones aren't sold in my country. This was way before I tried real steroids. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, and I bought other 1-test prohormones instead, with poor results I might say. Luckily, I made the move to real gear later on. Sorry, I can't comment on 1-AD itself.