Even experienced insulin users sometimes get a scare


Banned, had no choice
Ive ran numerous insulin cycles, and today was my first day back to work out in 3 days after the stomach flu. I figured a little slin should help me absorb the shake, because ive had mild diarhea all week. Well, i guess the diarehea really depleted me, because i was lying on my bed, sweating like a hooker in church on Sunday, trying to figure out why i was feeling hypo, i just drank 1/2 of an Extreme XXl shake, which half has over 100g of carbs, i can usually get by with 60-70g of carbs, but im bulking right now. I stumbled to the fridge, and took about 4 spoonfuls of strawberry jam, no cokes in the house (living a BBer lifestyle almost backfired) Then i lied down on the kitchen floor for about 5 minutes still sweating, and eventually the symptoms went away. Not trying to scare ya, but no way in hell would i have been able to drive my shaky, comfused sweating ass to the gas station for some sugar. I have cycled insulin on and off for almost a year, and this is the most scared ive ever been, most hypo i have ever been. Moral of the story, even when u think u know what ur doing, there can always be a suprise with something like slin.
Damn bro! Be careful. When I experimented with slin last year. I bought 5 lbs of maltodextrin to have on hand in case of hypo. I always had a coke in the glove compartment of my car,too.With slin you never can tell.
every time when you start slin again from a lay off you should start low then cont to climb back up. Glad you were in the kitchen and not out there. Stay safe.
odd thing was, i was 3 weeks into a 5 week cycle, last time i did slin was monday, tuesday thru thursday i was sick, and i figured i could pick up where i left off. I guess i was just deprived of nutrients, i did lost 5lbs in three days.
that's scary shit man, I just started slin with my current cycle and have worked up to 10IUs, had a little scare (tad hypo) with my first shot, but all has been well beisides that....your experience was a good reminder to everyone to remeber how serious slin is