exercises to do on vacation

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i am gonna be on vacation soon and will not have access to a gym. what are some good exercises to do to prevent atrophy (i have resigned myself to the fact that that's the best i can do).

i plan to do pushups and situps, and some cardio (but not too much cardio).
Push ups for chest
Close grip pushups for tris
Headstand shoulder presses against a wall
Towel curls.......difficult to explain
Oh and the most important one ........Beer stein HAMMER CURLS....
u can curl a milk jug, u can side laterial, front laterial, bent over laterial a milk jug, u can row a milk jug.
For back you could do lying pullups with a bar..........lie with your back to the floor prop a bar between two objects about waist height ,and rep away.
Or you can do some pullovers with a moderate weight.