Faster Ester=More Pain, Why?


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I think it has to do with the persons reaction to the ester as well. I've done QV prop with no pain, guess I'm lucky:D



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It simply takes more benzoil alchohol (BA) to keep shorter esters from crashing as stated above. More BA = more pain. It is also true that if crystals form they get stuck in muscle fibers causing discomfort. If companies and UG labs would start using benzoil benzoate (BB), which is painless, in conjunction with BA they could produce an injectable that doesn't give such a bite when injected and would not crash if reasonable mg/ml ratios were used.


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nautica said:
I dont agree - i have used viromos with NO pain. But I have had a little pain with qv. And alot of pain with underground products.


i agree viromos dont hurt atall, the only one that gives me a bit of probs is Sustanon (sust), but you get used to it. in my experience most of ip's gear etc hurts like shit, cause its loaded with alcohol and shit.


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Virormones are 100mg in 2ml of solution. Ethyl Oleate at that. Not near as much ba is needed to prevent crash. Makes for a very smooth injection.


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Interesting discussion guys!!
It explains a lot here I can mix test prop 200,1cc with 2cc of fina and Walla there is no immediate pain but the spot it stays sore for much longer time in comparison to mixing deca and Fina (same ratios), so in conclusion when less BA less immediate pain but you still have the soreness effect the short ester.


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Worst pain I got was from Sustanon (sust), used it on my first cycle. The pain does seem to go away after several injections in the same spot. Enanthate never bothered me..........fina never bothered me........deca never bothered me............then I used primo and it was like injecting hot lead.


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A few ques:

1. What do you guys consider immediate pain? During injection? A couple hours after?
2. When you mix two substances (e.g. prop and eq) most people (not me) notice a decrease in soreness. Is this long term or immediate?
3. In regards to crystal formation - I'm not sure if I buy this. Is there any data on this? I don't understand why the oil (or BA - does it matter?) would selectively dissapate leaving the anabolic behind and increase the concentration of steroid and result in crystal formation?


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go do your homework ! scientist had ester to hormone to make it soluble in oïl... ( sorry im french so all those expression fuck it ahah) it make it liposoluble .... more the ester have carbon atom more its soluble .... like propionate have less carbon then enanthate...and enanthate have less then decanoate ect... when it got into the muscle body have to go get it in the oïl and break the link between the hormone and the ester... more its soluble longer it is ... so we had BA and BB to help it stay into the oïl catch it ? ahah

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But while its up here, I'm now curious...

So have we decided why they hurt more? The shorter esters act quicker, you think that would mean they are absorbed faster and would cause less pain. Sounds counter intuitive.