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Lets clear something up before we get into test prop itself. Testosterone is testosterone. The ester (oil) that is connected to testosterone does not change what testosterone is or does, but changes the rate of release the hormone undergoes in your body. Common esters are cyphoinate, enanthate, propionate, and acetate. Each of these esters have a half-life. By definition a half-life is is the time it takes for a substance (drug, radioactive nuclide, or other) to lose one-half of its pharmacologic, physiologic, or radiological activity. We are worried about the pharmacological definition here. So, the half-life of testosterone cyp is about 10 days. If you inject 250mg of cyp, in 10 days there would be 125mg of it left of it in your system. The benefit of running test prop is its short half-life. The half-life of test prop is about 3-4 days. If you were to inject 100mg of test prop, in 3 days it would be about 50mg left in your system. Now that we have cleared that up, lets move on.

So whats the difference between running test prop and test e or c? The answer is two things, peak value and duration of cycle. With all cycles you inject in a frequency that overlays the half-life, increasing the dosage every week until you reach your peak-value, the highest amount of testosterone that can be active in your body with the dosage you have chosen. Statistically, average test prop cycles do not reach the peak levels of average test c or e cycles due to the very short half-life of prop. At the same time, test prop will reach peak values much quicker than test e or c. An average test e or c cycle will reach peak levels around week 4-6 which is why the minimum for longer ester cycles is 10 weeks. But with test prop the peak value is reach in less than half the time, allowing for shorter and faster cycles. Test prop cycles can be as short as 6 weeks and average 8 weeks. Test c or e cycles run from 10 weeks up, averaging 12 weeks for most users. Furthermore, if something were to go wrong with your cycle, prop would be out of your system much quicker than test e or c. Many users claim that there are less side effects with the use of prop. The claims cannot be ignored since the ester is fast acting and, usually, the peak values of a prop cycle are lower than e or c (unless the user is running a higher dosage of prop), yet no specific credible research on the matter has been found.

With the 3 day half-life of test prop the most optimal frequency for injection would realistically be every day. Since the idea of injecting yourself every day is not something pleasant to most people every other day injections have become the standard. While not “optimal” every other day injections have shown to be acceptable since technically the injection frequency should be 1.5 days or less. First time users of test prop should start with a moderate dosage of 50mg every other day. I have seen the safe use of test prop at up to 150mg eod or 75mg ed. Keep in mind that ancillary drugs like a-dex or armoasin should be kept on hand or ran to keep estrogen levels in check and proper post cycle therapy protocols should be ran to promote a speedy recovery after cycle.


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Another great read 3j! Im on my second cycle and first time with prop, just short of two weeks in.
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thanks guys.. i will be touching up on alot of subjects that have confusion.. so if there is an article subject you guys think is worthy to write on post it up or pm me...


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thanks guys.. i will be touching up on alot of subjects that have confusion.. so if there is an article subject you guys think is worthy to write on post it up or pm me...

Planning a carb cycle/ backloading diet and how to focus that around training....

Periworkout nutrition - or layout a blueprint of an ideal periworkout breakdown "supps and food"

Sodium and water retention

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i'd love to hear anything diet related from you especially if you don't dumb it down tooo much