Fat burning and Anavar

Hi all.

So, Friends of mine are taking test, and they were telling me about anavar, so I'm going to buy some.

Currently I am between 6' and 6'1 and 20 years of age at 250 lbs, I've always been kind of heavy, Not fat just heavy but tired of it. I get bored of working out because I never see results fast enough, I feel as though all the effort I've put in, and I get nothing out of it, so this is kind of the reason I'm going to try taking Anavar, I've been told it gets you pumped, wanting to work out, and helps burn fat incredibly fast. (I've also heard it still works even if you don't change your diet? I found this kind of odd)

Anyway, I am just wondering ( As I am not that knowledgeable about stuff like this ) How should I take it? They will be 20mg Pills, and I've heard and read different things from almost everyone, between 40-100 daily doses, I want the best, and fastest results or I'll get bored again, I understand it will be a 6 week cycle, so, Should I start with 20mg for the first week and build up to 40, then 60, etc? or should I just hammer out and run at 100mg at the start? I'd appreciate any input, Also if you know what you're talking about, inform me a bit more about Anavar? I'd like to know a little more on the molecular side of things and how it actually works instead of "It just does" kind of thing? And maybe like, a work out schedule / list of things to do and mg doses while on Anavar? What to eat and stuff like that will be helpful too.. (I've been told to live on soup and veggies, so far it seems like the best idea.. lol)

Anyway, Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

P.s. I'm new to this site so not exactly sure if this is the right area to post this.
My Anavir experience

I have never posted on internet forums before but I have found information posted by others to be very useful so I thought I would share my experience for others.

I am late 30's 6,1 195 lbs and have been a regular gym goer for many years. I have a decent build but I am not what you would call "big". I have always had stubborn mid section fat and I decided to try Anavir to see what would happen.

I did a 25 mg (once per day in the am) I know you should break it up but the caps were too difficult to break up. During this period I refrained from drinking any alcohol to give my liver a break as well as taking Milk Thistle daily and drinking a ton of water. I did an 8 week cycle.

By week two I noticed a real increase in strength and vascularity. By week three I could see a lot of mid section fat loss but unlike other times when I dropped weight I was not losing size. During this period I was doing a lot of cardio as well as weights as fat loss was my main goal. Size was a nice by-product.

By week six my pumps were huge and the fat was melting off my stomach.

After eight weeks I had gained 3-4 lbs and lost 1 inch plus on my waist. I have never been this lean in my adult life and can feel muscles in my stomach that have been buried in fat for years. I figure I lost 3-4 lbs of fat from my stomach alone. This doesn't sound like much but the effect on the look of my stomach has been profound. The only side effect was my sleep was not as good as it had been.

Since I have come off, I have lost some of the strength but none of the fat has come back. Overall, I am thrilled with my experience and got great results with 25 mg's. Sometimes, less is more as there is no way to know how your body will react to it. Would 50 mgs have given me better results? Maybe, but I couldn't be happier with my results and I put my body at much less risks for side effects.

I have a few words of advice from a guy who's older than many of the posters here so likely looks at the side effects in more detail. If you decide to do it (Or any Roid), take it seriously. It is not risk free so you must minimize the risks as much as possible. I highly recommend that you do not drink alcohol while you are on it as your liver will be under stress already. Further, if you are going to take a risk you should give yourself the best chance of growth and success while you are on it and alcohol is not a body builders friend. I can't stress this enough, I had a friend who is a moderate drinker (2-3 beers a day and an occasional bender on the weekend) who did 50 mgs over the same period and did not have near the same results as me. He just didn't drop near as much fat. Its only a few months but take it from me, it really matters.

If you decide to do it, don't drink, Milk Thistle (3 x's per day) and at least 10 glasses of water per day. Monitor your urine color for changes and watch for yellowing of the eyes. Some people recommend 12 weeks for best results but I was happy with 8. My body just told me it was time to come off.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful to anyone who comes across it looking for information. Good luck!
Good post toopy... Anavar is something I'm interested in trying.. Will build up my stash first then consider running it by itself for 8 weeks , or adding to a future cycle..
Id say more like less than 10% for men. If you have low bodyfat itll help bring out the vascularity more and give you muscle hardness but its not gonna melt fat off you.

this is what ECA or Clen is for...

Test/tren/var/ECA/T3 is the ultimate cutting stack IMHO
One of the many myths on forums that spread like wild fire is that you have to be low body fat in order to use Anavar or that high doses have to be done. Its better to have low body fat - certainly yes, but by no means mandatory -- as many would have you believe. I am certainly not 10% body fat or lower. More like 15-20% in my estimation - 20mg ED worked very well.

While on, I saw greatly increased vascularity in arms/bis (veins have always been there)- but never on the quads or shoulders. Furthermore, abdominal region was significantly toned. No measurements were taken as i had done 20mg ED following 12 weeks of Test. But what i saw in the mirror, i liked more than any measurements or bodyweight would have you believe.

My advice while on:

Do your cardio min 20-45m*3 days minimum weekly at high intensity

Workout to failure every workout

Keep diet in check - watch your simple carbs and especially sugars.
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great study for those oral only guys. it says all effects were lost 12 weeks after discontinuation.

I'd recommend looking at what sources you have and then goggling the brands available through those sources. From goggling, it would seem that ligit BTG Pharmaceuticals anavar is the best, but looks like a lot of fakes out there saying BTG.

I decided instead to go with a trusted Uncle and got what he had on special. Reading up on that brand (Alchemia Pharma, 5mg per pill), sounds hit or miss, which may be why it is on special. His other choice in domestic line (??)for $16 more for the same amount of anavar probably is more ligit. Honestly, I don't know as I have never tried anavar yet, but I am hoping the lower dosage per pill means it is closer to being correctly dosed then the higher dosage pills.
should i take anavar if i want to JUST get my body toned, im dont want to look huge i want to look fit should i take anavar ???
NO! Use the search button on this forum...it's very helpful. All vets and mods recommend a TEST ONLY CYCLE for your first cycle at 400 to 500mg per week for 10-12 weeks.

Although "Aly" if you are female, I would read up on anavar for females and the correct dosage and cycle length..plenty of info here...search it.
should i take anavar if i want to JUST get my body toned, im dont want to look huge i want to look fit should i take anavar ???

I agree, try it the natural way if you haven't done AAS before. Try green tea or any of the other burner products out there. Coupled with an immaculate diet and exercise, you're beauty!

oh and aly, to get HUGE requires eating+time+supps+AAS possibly, etc. If you're under 25 wait awhile. Your natty is probably good enough.