Fina injection sites

Brock Landers

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well bros
i'm thinking of making some homemade fina shortly, and was wondering if this would be acceptable for injection rotation...
I split my glute into three spots for injections upper/mid/lower and the same for quads. Would it be alright if I used this as a rotation:
Day 1- upper right glute
Day 2-upper left glute
Day 3-upper right quad
Day 4-upper left quad
Day 5- mid right glute
Day 6- mid left glute
Day 7-mid right quad
....and so on and so on, or do you think I am hitting each general area too frequently? thanks for any input :)
i guess it would depend on how your body handles the shots. I kind of do that when I am doing everyday shots. but i only break my leg into two parts.
day1 left shoulder
day2 right shoulder
day3 upper left quad
day4 upper right quad
day5 left glute
day6 right glute
day7 mid/lower left quad
day1 mid/lower right quad

I am not sure if I would want to shoot low on my ass that is a big nerve.
I pretty much shoot in the same spot or close on my glutes. I also wouldn't be shooting low on the glutes, you don't want to hit the sciatic nerve. I do rotate up and down on my quads, alternating weeks. Delt shots are really easy for me, and I do shoot in arms, tris one week, bis the next. Thus I have 8 spots to shoot each week, and can get in up to 18 ccs each week.
Yeah bro trust me try to stay in the upper outer quadrent of the glute, if you have to use the glute again then hit the upper inner quadrent