fina injections?


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So i just made my first batch of this stuff. I was wondering if it would turn out alright, and it looks great. I felt so fuckin proud of myself and wondered why i didn't do this sooner.

I have done two cycles of test eth and deca before, so i know how to administer that. I inject once a week and alt glutes. So here are my ?'s . What size pin should i use and what are the best places to alt inj sites? I don't think i can get away with just my glutes EOD because in the last 2 cycles i have exp some sorness with just once a week inj. I would think that it would be to much if i turned my ass into a pin cushion.

:afro: i'm now mad scientist qualified baby!
25g 1" are money!!! I hit my sites like a square.

rt delt
lf delt
lf quad
rt quad.

If u want to hit bi's and tri's then just mix it up. I love hitting the quad.
If you have to hit the site injects with 23g 5/8' then don't stick the needle all the way through. Good luck and have fun on that fina!!!