Fina Only Cycle


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Who here has done a fina only cycle?

(1)Would you do it again?
(2)How long and how much did you run?
Thanks Biggie!

I know some people in here had to have done a fina only cycle. SPEAK UP!!!!!
i did fina alone for 8 weeks injected 150mgs eod. i had no sides but solid lbm gains and strength. made my body look alot more solid and brought each muscle group up a notch. i say go for it if u never have a had a problem with the ole libido shit. im using in now but with eq and dbol:D
yea i did this also, almost the same cycle as daddyX . i gained 17lbs of muscle, kept all but 2 lbs, i was very happy with it. had a low sex drive for a bit but all in all, yea id do it again but with something else this time.
Currently using finasol week 6 and no sides, fucking like a maniac and puttin up more weight and losing body fat. Started at 198 now 188 and all measurements are the same. I beleive many people don't realize age has to do with your sex drive and don't want to admit they aren't as "frisky" if you will but many have said your second cycle of Fina will fuck you up and to run the test. Personally why increase the hairloss for the exchange of wanting to fuck every hog that comes out of the troff.
I did a fina only cycle (75mg/ed) awhile back. Put on 15 pounds in 4 weeks and kept all of it. I did however pick up a case of shingles during clomid therapy which may have been caused by the fina.

I'm on Fina/Winny/Test right now so we'll see if I have some type of reaction to Fina at the end of this cycle.
I am going to do the same cycle...but I am adding dbol. I heard nothing but good things for this cycle. Keep me updated bro.
homebrew 75mg a day 6 wks up 15 kept 12 strength flew up

just push yourself HARD lift instensley and eat appropriately .. lots of cals and protein if bulking..

just incase you plan on an oral cycle i would definately take a good dose b4 bed and eat a good meal b4 bed

if its a legal thing and you want an added BUMP i would add some slin and have fun

be safe and good luck