Fina - Painful to inject or not?


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I was talking to my friend that told me he had incredible pain when he injected fina. It was only for a short time after the injection. I didn't get to talk to him that much about it because it wasn't the time or place (family wedding). Any info will be good because I tend to get freaked out a little if something happens and I'm not expecting it.
Depends on the BA content of the particular Fina you are injecting. I find that most F Kit sellers will supply you with much more BA then is needed. That is why I love ResearchKits F Kits. Chem doesnt go crazy on the amount of BA and for that reason alone, I found Chem's Kits to yield the most painless final product.

Personally I am using Quest Tren right now and prior to the Quest, I had been using Old Spectro and LFC Tren and did not have one painful injection using any of these companies.
I used sciensupply's kit and it doesn't burn. A little soreness when I inject calves but I do it at night and by the next morning it is fine.
Biggie is right it all depends on BA content.