Fina question


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Alright fellas I have a real dumb queastion and I am going to admit this up front! I made fina (2 carts) and I dont remember how much I have now (concerning cc's) in my vial. ~75mg/cc right? How many toatal cc in the large vial?
if i remeber correctly it should be a 4g kit, more then likely you made a 75mg/ml give or take a little... should have 22-23ml in the vial per 2g if i recall correctly....someone correct me if im way the hell off base :)
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a 2g equal about 20cc a 4g kit makes double, so with a 4 g and two fina carts you are good for about 45 days at 3/4 of a cc ed, my .2
yea, if you had a 2 cartidge kit and used 2 cartidges of fina it should produce between 40-45 ccs at 75mg/ml