Finaplix conversion sans worring about fillers


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Finaplix conversion sans worrying about fillers

I found a recipe somewhere for making tren from pellets, but my old brain had let it escape me. I am utterly unconcerned about the talc and few fillers that are there... thus could someone shoot me the proper BB, BA, and oil amounts for 2000mgs.? Just an experiment...
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I'm thinking 2% BA and 20% BB, plus the grapeseed oil, along with some heating. I am gussing their will fillers in the botton but it doen't concern me a great deal. I figure I san set it up at 75mg/cc and take shot every other day.since I'm not really concerned about the filler, should thid work, okay?


I enter these numbers and get nothin':

75 ml
37.5 mg/ml

I get not a sngle reply with the powder caculater

I there will be fillers on the bottom but i do not fear that

Any help would be greatfulluy appreciater. Forgive my typing as I extremely fucked up klons...
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Just buy a kit and do it the right way. You don't even know what the 'filler' is but you don't care? You're on your own if you want to be stupid about it. It isn't hard or expensive or do it the right way, so just do it the right way, you know?
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listen up pal I ve done this shit for a decade, in varioud ways, probably as long as you been shiting YRLLOW. allowing that you are mentally retarded, don't ever presume to tell
me, I am stupid. Clear? It would be a ,simple matter to find out who I am, you on the other hand, appear to parked cars for a living. If you have nothing of interest to add or believe inert substances act as poisons, try getting into college agin and don't post on my thread.
I'm laughing at you because you've been doing this shit for "over a decade", and yet you still have to buy pellets in order to get your tren.

...And for the record, I didn't call you stupid; I said don't be stupid about it. This has a different meaning.

I didn't call the filler a poison, either, now did I?
been purchasing things from mandarin men for years but as I said. I have HUNDRED PELLETS. such anolmolies occur in this world, try reading the board. You nothing of interest or value to add so self masterbation seems to bave been your goal. Say it with me: "it's okay to have an unspoked thought". Now internalize it and live it. You actualy said "if you wanna be stupid about it", what is stupid is a cretin who believes the fillers used in the pellets are in any way poisons. Grow up. Talc and geletin come to mind as common fillers, won't hurt you a bit,generally speaking. But you are a grazing herbivore: Im certain you don't know shit. You just repeat... btw:I apologize for the typos ealier, WAY too much of a hurry, mea culpa.
I suppose that the standard 20% BB/2% BA will probably work. In the vials, you are going to get a bunch of black shit that will stick to the sides of the vials. The black stuff will probably clog up the pin of the syringe, but....just don't suck up the black stuff. Suck up the oil and that will probably work.
And stop being helpful as I am trying to be a jerk, LOL... thanks and I am sorry. I thought I'd filter it again.

Wow sorry I missed this. Kentucky, did it work? What I would have done is allowed the pellets to dissolve in the solvents BA and BB. Once they are pretty much dissolved, add most the oil and mix/heat. Let it separate for a good 24 hours. Then draw off the gold stuff and filter it up. Also filter the remaining oil that wasnt already added to the mix. Scrap the filler.