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Hey every 1 i just started to take this stuff called DURA-TEST 200 mad by Power.Line. i got off a friend of mine i wanna know if its good and i wanna know if im doing this wrong.The bottle is a 1ML and my friend said i should take 1cc every other day this stuff is oil. so i take it for about a week and he tells me that we r gonna up the cc's to 2cc every other day so i say okay but my arms and ass is sore as a m&^FU**3r and i asked around to a fue people and they said that thats 2 much that they take 3cc every six days please help me out im lost and dont have any help im only 21years old and i dont wanna funk my self up let me know if is a waste by useing so much in such lil time please give the ins and outs thanks. :eyes:
Well, I would have done a little of this research BEFORE starting the cycle. However if anything Id like to try and point you in the right direction. First of all, throw us some stats. Height, weight, lifting experience, etc. All info is good info.

Right off that bat I can tell you an average cycle for someone who is ready to use anabolics (after much research, experience with training and proper nutrition, stress management and supplementation for both health and performace) is around 400-500mg/week. That would be 1cc, twice a week for you if using the product you mentioned.

Get back to us with the stats, and start researching post cycle therapy (pct) (post cycle therapy). Your now officially in the market for nolvadex and or clomid.