First tren A cycle having some sides I've never expirenced Am I just crazy?


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Hey guys what's up new to the forum. Got some sides I'm not to sure about been reading a shit ton, haven't been able to pin point the issue I'm personally having.

This is my 4th cycle and I'm running .75 tren A eod, and test p .50 eod
Monday-sun/tues-sat.. week3 started adex.5e3d and caber.25e3d when I noticed the problem about end off week 2..

So jus recently at work I sweat a lot and it's hotter then a damn oven in the building I'm working on. Long story short scratched my nips a few times ever since then been totally freaking out.. when I run at the gym the tips get real hard and sting are whitish(can cut a diamond). my shirts are always soaked and mostly happens when I'm cold.. So u know I start sketchin, so I'm feeling for a lump and don't feel it but idk I feel something hard behind my nip but it's more flat then a ball.. so today my symptoms still occur def when I'm sweating and cold with a shirt on.. when I don't got a shirt on the nips are mostly alil puffy swollen burn alil(whole body kinda burns tho.. real hot and flushy, but not red)... Nips are swollen more on the sides of the orala or h/e ya spell it..

Here's the thought prolactin???
Well I wake up with a hard on..
I fuck like a champ..
Haven't really lost the sexual desire..
Gyno estro? Never had a problem ran test c 250 2xwk 10wk with first 4wk 50mg dbol didn't even start my AI.. jus had it on hand.. did the same this time cuz you know I'm smart..

Should I run the caber .25 eod too? I can get letro but I really don't wanna run that if I don't need to.. I have nolva too.. gunna blast hcg at the end..

I'm just really confused I want to get bloods done. I found some online sources for bloods just not sure who to trust but if you guys ever had a problem with sweating ur ass off and ur nips getting really hard and sensitive after and puffy.. I'd like to know what you think before I decide to get the bloods done this early..

I know it's a book trying to just give as much information I can.. my dosages are pretty low.. haven't had night sweats yet.. had my first night terror lastnight.. sweat a lot tho during sex and at the gym..

Thanks for anyone that can shine some light on my bullshit.:nopity:
So did you start your cycle without using your da or ai and then afters some sides came about you started using them ????
I came to a conclusion. After further examination of the nips it seems they're jus dry and irrated from all the cardio/sweat.. I know the tip of my nipple seems to be dry and cracks atleast. So vasoline it is..

I started the caber week 2 and I started the adex week 2.. I didn't wait for sides.. I just didn't think I'd have gyno like sides 2 weeks in. But I'm sure it's just what I stated above.. I'm going to keep running the adex .5 eod just to be safe.. Like I said I had no gyno sides off a 500mg a week test c/ 50mg first 4 dbol cyc,

is there any protocol in lowering my adex dose once I feel it's safe to go for e3d again?