Gaining Muscle, Lose Fat??


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I'm trying to gain mass and at the same time trying losing fat- especially in my abs area. (I have a flat stomach if I semi-press it in, but I do have fat on it - Im about 15% BF)

I have read that if you consume 2,000 cal. a day, you should use 2000 up.
Whatever amount left over will turn into fat. But don't I need that extra amount of calories to gain weight?

I also read that I need to do cardio to burn fat. But cardio is to burn calories, if I consume less I would not need to run, right? I just have to eat right, which I do (5 meals / chicken, rice, meat, eggs, cheese, oats cereal). Any comments?
Here's my opinion. Best way for someone with moderate to low bodyfat % to lose fat is to concentrate on gaining muscle mass, which burns more calories. I.e., don't worry too much about fat loss for first several weeks but try to add some mass. And then diet to cut -- but very slowly. Dial in your diet and cardio to where you're losing no more than a pound, pound and a half a week. Except for the genetically super-gifted, I don't think it's possible to drop a lot of bodyfat and gain muscle mass at the same time. Best you can do is drop fat and maintain mass. ...Other opinions?
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