Give me the rundown on Primobolan


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I have done some reading on Primabol and it is something I'm interested in doing in the future. Other then most of the info in books and online what are some of you guys' user experiences. Mainly: it's effects on sex drive, energy levels, mood, and sleeping patterns. The reason why I'm asking this is because I always have a real hard time coming off of gear mainly because I suffer from bad depression and agitated psychiatric states to begin with. As all of my friends and just about everyone else knows my favorite anabolic is Test but I also like Tren a lot and it really elevates my mood. After my next big cycle I might taper down or after I run clomid and Nolva I might use Primabol as a maintenance boost as well as a buffer against the post cycle depression that I have problems with. What do you guys think. And one more thing my source told me Primabol helps boost the immune system, is that true?
Talk to NYCEE. PM him he was recently and still may br running 1g EW of primo. He was very impressed with it. I definitly plan to try primo whne I do my 1st cutter someday.
not if ur making your own, its really not that expeinsive. I want to run it at a gram with like 300 of test but not sure how it affects hair loss yet.