glute shots/back pain


hey guys. it seems i am getting killer lower back pain and i think it is because of glute shots. does anyone else get lower back pain from glute shots. its killing me
when i first started shootin my glutes like a day after my lower back would be a little sore, I have no problems now. I mainly inject in my quads though..but has this always happened, is this you first time stickin your glutes?
I don't believe the actual injection could cause back pain. Perhaps the torque you put on your back when you reach back for the injection tweaks something. Try lying on your stomach on a bed and using your free arm to leverage a twist in your upper torso. That way you aren't actually contracting your lower back and obliques.
its happen to me, i think sometimes the oil is putting pressure on a nerv. its sort of like an un realaxed feeling your back.

maybe im injecting in the wrong spot. where exactly in your ass is it suppost to go. i do it like 2-3 inches lower than the very top of my crack and off to the side from the very middle of the one cheek.
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erector spinea and glutes are tied in together, if your glutes are tight due to injects, they will pull on erector spinea some and cause it to be tight and sore. i get this all the time.