got an EQ question


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In the past I used to use 50mg/ml EQ, Ganabol, and even though there was a lot of shots and big shots, when i went up to 400mg a week on that stuff, it was crazy, EQ became my favorite gear then. Got rock hard and still grew a little, no water, veins everywhere. But now when I use these 200mg/ml EQ's and I go up to 400-600 and even up to 700mg every week, I dont get the feeling and the same gains I did when using the 50mg/ml stuff. Im just wondering if these 200mg/ml EQ are really what they say they are. Either that or Ganabol is the best EQ there is and they know something other people dont know asbout making gear..............J
Maybe your body parts were so damn inflated from 8ccs a week of that stuff. Ive used both QV and Denkall EQ, as well as Ganabol, I con honestly say 400mg of ganabol is the same as 400mg of QV200 or Denkall100, only differnce is the number of cc's per week.
How can you bro's jump to conclusions so quick w/o even finding out WHAT TYPE of EQ he is using? :confused:


1) What Label EQ?
2) Are you getting ANY results from the 200mg/ml EQ?
3) Are the SIDES the same?

Have you considered that it may be under-dosed OR fake all together?

Give us some better-detailed things to go of of bro.