Green Deca Tabs?


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I was just wondering if anyone has heard of Oral Deca Tabs that were green. Someone was trying to push some and I wasn't sure about them.

Also, if you know a website that has moreinfo about them (if they exist) I'd appreciate it.

Perhaps you / he are confused with Orabolin. In my opinion, it is a terrible drug to use for building muscle, let alone bodybuilding.
Do they make those primo tabs any more?

Tren tabs I belive are methylated. But absorbtion is 40% tops, i would guesstimate. I wouldnt imagine why you would but Deca in a tab, andriol (oral Test, no 17aa) isnt affective until you get in the 240mg a day range.
GreasyGreek said:
true but tabs don't have to be 17-aa to be effective oral steroids. Look at primo.

I believe they are methylated on the 4-aa position though unlike primo acetate or enanthate. Which increases bio-availability.

17-aa Deca is on top of it, will report soon :)