GVT, and GVT2k, who's tried it


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I'm talking about German Volume training. I was reading some old t-mags about GVT 2000. The article basicly was baout if you do GVT2k, eat a lot of protein (and calories) and use Mag-10, you'd pack on muscle faster than anything. Well, substitute Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for Mag-10 (pro-hormone right?), and results should be faster. Anyone tried it?
i'm guessing it was promoting a product. Can you post the work out so more people know what u r talkin about.
THe original GVT is great if you have good natural recovery. Even Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) doesn't ensure you won't over train though. A guy at AM was whining up a storm because he couldn't gain on gvt even though he was doing dbol and test at high doses.
I did it for a few weeks while cutting and it was just too much for my body. Tired it bulking once and liked it, the pumps are great.
That shits wack! LOL I wouldnt try it, Overtraining is one nasty thing to hear!
Thankfully I seem able to handle the work outs when not dieting :) And the results are nice. Used it with slin post work out and did well. I look foward to trying it with some other assistance to recovery.