had to laugh


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well i decided to add slin to my cycle. post workout. see how it goes

i went to my local pharmacy got the slin and sharps box no problems.

he would not sell me the fucking pins. i asked him if he was kidding. he said i needed a perscription for the pins.:asshole:

i laughed at him shook my head and left. i just ordered some they will be here tuesday. i thought it was funny that i can pick up everything else no questions asked. i think the towel was to tight around the motherfuckers head:bash:
ya, it's funny how the system works. steroids are illeagal but anybody can walk in and get slin which can kill you if you don't know what your doing. then when the people that do know what there doing ask for pinz, we need a script!! lol
same happened to me when i went to buy humalin and pins. said i needed a script for pins so i got log and pinms off line instead