Banned, had no choice
whos used it?
would u use it again?

please dont say, it will kill ur liver etc, some will dbol, Winstrol (winny), and anadrol, and we dont gasp in horror when people recomend those
I keep hearing it's so toxic and bla bla bla but will it really hurt you to run it for just 4 weeks at reasonable doses (~20mg)??

Also I'm interested in finding out what are some of you guys gains that you actually kept from halo? Maybe some of the strength?
I know a guy who used 30 mg/ed for 4 weeks before his show at the Jr. Nationals in 2001. Unfortunately he couldnt really tell me how it affected him since he was on so many other drugs. He was advised to use it in his pre-contest drug regimen so he did.
one of my mates used it a couple of times in the prep for full contact kickboxing tournaments, he said it made him real aggressive. i dont think youll have a problem aslong as you keep the dosages sensible.

i feel it gives the strength gains of an anadrol w/o the weight gain or bloat.20-30mg's a day are all thats needed and yes a 4 week run is a good idea.Aggression does increase but so does hardness.if your already lean and going into a show and stack it with anavar you get hard as a rock.good stuff.
T-man you might know this. How available is legit Halo in Europe??? I'm more down south though... thanks
europe should be a good place to find it, americna halo is hard to find these days
some sources do carry it, europe is the best place to get any roids cheap really. you find a good source you shouldnt have any problems
Well I'm more concerned about legitimacy and reliability than price per se. My mate is perfect in these regards. I'm pretty sure he doesn't carry it though. Anyways I will probably forget about halo until next time.