Has this ever happened to you?

So I started doing T400 at 800mg about two months ago but started getting really bad heart pains and I decided that my body probably can't handle high doses anymore so I lowered it to 400mg a week.

Everything was going great until about the past week or so I noticed a drastic drop in libido.

Typically over the years, even at 400 a week I was hard like a rock at the drop of a hat, but not anymore. I feel kind of normalish, like I would off cycle.

Also, I'm starting to get sore after workouts for longer this past week or so, like as long as I would be off cycle. Typically on cycle I recover extremely fast.

Maybe try taking it back up to 800 and hope the heart pains don't come back?

Best to get a complete checkup with the doctor do bloods and see what the numbers reveal.
Only time I felt like that was when the labs showed that my estrogen level was out of range, too high or too low kills my sex drive