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I'm Easto's gf. He made me register here.

I am looking at taking some T3 to lose a little bit of fat for the summer. Is it necessary to take any steroids with it to preserve muscle? I won't be going over 50mcg, but what do you guys think?
I don't know too much about T3 but (in my opinion) i would run a 21 day cycle of clen, 21 on 21 off the off run ECA. T3 needs/is reccomended to be stacked with an anabolic
I stack t3 or clen with Winstrol (winny). Just a little, you know, just to preserve muscles. But with clen Winstrol (winny) killsme with cramps.
I also like the clen idea. I took T3 by itself once and never again. Lost alot of muscle. Just remember, diet is always the key.
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Post in the female section, they'll know more about Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) for females.

You may not even want to work to 50mcg, I know a MALE who says he loses muscle past 25mcg, and he isn't small either.

See what works IMO, with the diet and so on.
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