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Hey everyone, I've been following this board for a while, but haven't posted. I like to keep up on what's going on. Good work you're doing here.

Here's the situation - I have a cycle that was planned for a year ago...I decided to hold off. I still have all the gear, but can't for the life of me find the cycle plan. It was developed by a mod at another board. I'm 6', 200lbs...this was supposed to be a lean mass, no test cycle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't have to use all the gear at once, as I said...I haven't cycled in over a year.

Here's what I've got:

30 ml Tren (50mg/ml)
16 amps Winstrol (winny) Depot (50mg)
200 D-bol (5mg Naps)
200 Anavar (Spanish Generic 10mg)

The only anti's I have on hand are Proviron and Clomid...but I shouldn't need them I wouldn't guess.
bro your probably gonna need test to keep the willie going with tren , and the only thing you have enough of is dbol for 25 mg the 1st 40 days , thats only 30 days worth of tren and 16 days worth of winnie 32 if you really stretch it, the Anavar (var) is enough if its legit id run 40-50 mg a day at the end of your cycle , also the var/dbol/winnie are all 17a which are harsh on your liver and shouldnt be combined for any length of time , if this is your 1st cycle get enough test eth or cyp and run 400 mg a week for 10-12 weeks followed by clomid therapy
Thanks Dawg. It's definitely not my first cycle. The original cycle (I believe) had me running the Winstrol (winny) @ 50mg and tren @ 75 mg at the same time, EOD for a month (32 days). The dbol was obviously to kick the cycle off - I was thinking 35-40mg ED for the first 3-4 weeks. Starting the win/tren week 3. I just can't remember where the ox came in. Because the var/dbol/winn are so toxic, it was meant to be short.

Would you say this isn't worth attempting without test? The whole intent was to have a test free cycle...I was coming off a lot of test at the time. But now it doesn't make much sense...except that I have what's in front of me, and there isn't any test!

thanks again for the input.
Thanks Biggie, sorry for posting in the wrong place.

Johnny- I'm 27, I've been cycling on and off since 22.

This was supposed to be a lean mass builder, I know it's contradictory with the dbol up front...but I just love the dbol to kick off a cycle.
Alright...27 years old, 6', 200 lbs, cycling on and off for about 5 years.

It looks like you really don't have enough of anything for a good cycle.

The first thing I would do is get some test. And then I would get 30 ml more Tren. Now, the tren you have to inject every day (or double dose every other day), so if you're okay with that, get a shorter-acting test (prop), or a short to medium acting test (susp) and inject them together.

I would make Test and Tren the base of your cycle. 100 mg test and 75 mg tren per day (or double that for eod).
Take the dbol, 30 mg per day, for the first 30 days. You could start this a little before the test/tren, or at the same time (you can still build lean mass with dbol - it's all about the diet and workout (and anti-e's)...if you eat like pig, you'll blow up, if you eat clean, you can stay lean)
Take the Winstrol (winny) (although you'll need more of that, too) for the last 30 days or more at 50 mg per day.
Use arimidex or fmera during your cycle, clomid post cycle. Proviron is up to you...since you have it, use it.
Save the anavar for post-post cycle, 30-50 mg per day.
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wow man, thanks for the response.

I appreciate you laying it out for me. It looks like I'll be shopping for some more gear.