Help With Oily Skin


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Oily skin occurs when your sebaccous glands produce mre oil than what is needed for proper lubrication of the skin. The excess oil can clog pores and cause blemishes. Oily skin is often hereditary but can be caused by your diet, hormone levels, preagnancy, birth control pills, cosmetics, and gear.

Since i believe in alternative medicines such as herbs and such to treat much disorders cause they ussually work when taken properly, i still like my accutane But if you wanna to the alternative way, try these:

Flaxseed oil - 1tsp daily - Good healer for most skin disorders and good for hormonal balances.
Vitamin A - 25,000 IU daily for 3 months, then reduce it to 15,000 IU's daily. This is necessary for the healing and construction of new skin tissue.
Vitamin B complex - Take as directed - B vitamins are important for a healthy skin tone.
Zinc - 50mcg daily. Zinc is good for tissue repair. Zinc losenges have better absorption.
Grape Seed Extract - A powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells.
Aloe Vera - this has excellent healing properties. Apply it topically.
Burdock Root - Nourishes the skin
Horsetail - Nourishes the skin
Oat Straw - Nourishes the skin
Chamomile - Nourishes the skin
Witch Hazel - When applied tot he skin, it is helpful for absorbing oils
Thyme - Nourishes skin