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What if i use 400mg deca and 400mg eq. And stop the deca 2 weeks before eq. Will this make my recovery easier????

(It sounds strange that adding other compounds doesnt shut you down harder)
EQ with deca will still shut you down hard. You should add some test. Do either a test/deca or a test/eq cycle. 500mg/400mg.
i agree with Saturn....

save one or the other for another cycle and get yourself some test.
Tren and EQ makes a nice cycle:D

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dragon06 said:
Ok, what about 400mg deca and 250mg Sustanon (sust). Will that be better for my recovery.

yes....i would run 500mg of test w/ your deca.
have your ancillaries on hand b4 beginning.

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Recovery with those two compounds is going to be harder b/c of the long acting esters used in them. Sust has one of the the same esters used in Nandrolene Decanate (or Deca as you refere to). Eq has a simular ester. If recovery is that big of an issue for you, as it should be, you might want to consider using some stuff with shorter esters and have yourself a good post cycle recovery program.