Hey Everyone, New guy here...check my cycle out


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Whatsup guys and gals, I'll probably be around awhile because this board seems to be one of the best i've found. Im gonna start up a cycle in the next couple of weeks, what do all think? what would you change?

Weeks 1-2: Dbol @ 12.5 mg/day
Weeks 3-4 Winstrol @ 25mg/day
Weeks 1-10 Sustanon (sust). 250 @ 500mg/week
Weeks 1-6 Fina @ 80mg/eod

Liquidex @ .5mg eod throughout
Clomid Therapy

( orals are leftovers so i thought i'de throw 'em in )
I'm 6'1, 195 lbs. w/ 9% body fat, looking to gain about 20-25 pounds of keepable muscle. You guys think thats a reasonalbe Goal?
been liftin' about 3 years now
Pre Cycle Lifts:
Bench: 300
Squat: 370
Welcome bro

Changes I would make to your cycle.

Week 1-10 Sust
Week 6-12 Fina

Save the Winstrol (winny) and Dbol for when you get more of it.
Don't waste the Winstrol (winny) and d-bol. If you can't get more d-bol before you start your cycle then I agree with exkon. Run the liquidex .25 ed. How many cycles have you done? If this is your first just run the Sustanon (sust). at 500mgs./wk. and you could conceivably gain 20 lbs.
def toss the orals. dbol at 12.5 mg a day for two weeks isn't worth it. And if this is your first cycle you might just wanna try out the Sustanon (sust) at 500 mg a week. You will be surprised at the gains you can get off that dosage
Hey guys thanks for the suggestions, i think what i'll do is fun the fina at the end as opposed to the beginning.... Also, im gonna ditch the orals unless i can get my hands on some more.. by the way im 20, my only other cycle was deca @200 mg for 8 weeks w/ dbol @20mg /day for 4weeks. off that i gained about 25 pounds and kept 20.
20 is to young bro , i know that my answer wont win me any popularity contest but its true
Welcome bro......

If you do run Sus 250 make sure you take the injections few days apart. So if you run 500mg a week...do....Monday<--1 shot....Thursday<---2nd shot.
Week 1 Sustanon (sust) Mon, Wed, Fri(750mgs)
Week 2-10 Sustanon (sust) Mon, Thurs(500mgs)
Week 9-12 Fina 80mg ed

I would get more fina and run it eod through out