HGH is it really that great?


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I allways hear alot about HGH. Its so ridiculously expensive is it really worth the cost? Wouldnt your money be better spent on high doses of Test?
to make a long story short, i looooveee me some gh. it does what test will not and cannot do. test will swell and expand the muscle cells. gh creates more muscle cells! it is costly though, thats is its only downfall!
First of all, gh is not going to make you blow up like a bunch of test will...far from it. GH is not for the young guy looking to gain a bit of size. GH is for us old farts who can't sleep at night, can't get out of a chair without at least one joint snapping and popping, and just feel like shit. GH is the fountain of youth for many of us. In order to really make gains on gh, I think you need to run pretty high doses. In that respect, it is certainly not worth it. However, it is worth it for me to run 2-4 iu all the time (dose depends on what I am doing). I feel much better. My joints respond and I sleep better.

I notice that my gains on cycle stay with me much better if I ran gh. By that, I mean if I go off cycle and also am forced to quit lifting and eating right for a while, I still retain my gains much better. Recently, I finished a cycle and went one year without being able to trian or eat half assed. I still held most of my gains. My static weight was the highest it has ever been. I also recouped the lost size almost overnight when I started eating and training again.
In my experience, it generally hasn't been worth the money. It doesn't deliver a lot of bang for the buck. You should not expect any actual muscle growth from it. If you have money to burn, and are looking for help leaning out, improving your sleep, and strengthening your connective tissues - it may be worth a try. Otherwise, you probably would be better served by buying more test.
not worth the money IMO. Only really worth if you really need every last gain. Plus I wouldn't want GH gut and IMO I don't think it requires as high doses as people think it does.
3-5 ius a day for 6-12 months.........youd look in the mirror and say holy shit!
but then i get it pretty cheap! like i said before thats the only draw back to gh is the cost!!!! im not a fan of the gut either but at 10-12 ius a day what do you expect!
nope it can run some up to couple thousand a month sometimes
who the hell is spending a couple a thousand a month????

maybe 3 to 5 hundred but not thousands

As for my response i agree with trevdog but one thing you get you don't get is a 3d look to your muscle. Just seems to pop more.
i can get blue tops for about 1.40 and iu

i have some and my friends already started, im might try it for some leenness. 2 iu a day with t4
carolinacrackah said:
I allways hear alot about HGH. Its so ridiculously expensive is it really worth the cost? Wouldnt your money be better spent on high doses of Test?
Alone it's worthless, but combined with test it's best. There are studies on it. Test is best with GH. I think that most people that hate GH either have taken too little of a dose, too much of a dose, not a proper split protocol, or not taken enough time to use to see the results, or not taken it along with Test and other gear. Or you can combine them together and see where they got it wrong. Either one of these suits most people that are unhappy with their results.
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Hgh is great stuff! You do have to find the right dose for yourself....Start with 2iu and work up to max 6iu and know higher. Start with 5 days on 2 off and see how you feel in about a 2-3 weeks. As u slowly increase your dose every couple of weeks you may find you get joint pain and/or get really sleepy. If it is too much to handle then back of the dose an iu or 2 until the pain in the joints goes away.

Personally I love the stuff and so does my girl we have both used it alone and with other AAS. Yes best results were with test but, depends again on what you are looking for. It is also great to run HGH through a cycle and on into post cycle therapy (pct) it helps allot with keeping you in check with your sleep and keeping your workouts going as it helps to keep your body from becoming catabolic, it also helps with mood.

Oh yea I forgot and I haven't heard this from anyone lately but I shiat you not that my twig from my twig and berries grew larger around and longer!! :) I notices this after I was on for about the 2-2.5 month mark as I was on the HGH for about 6 months. Oh the price average for a month cycle is not in the thousands but in the hundreds about say $400-$500 a month that is about a Jin kit. To you guys that are in it for the long run and not in to gaining 40 pounds of beef then droppin' 20 pds after cycle and then gaining over and over. I have found that the HGH is great with keeping quality muscle hard look, when on low cal, and less water when eating high cal. Great stuff! My mom takes .3-1.2 iu depending on the session and it helped alot with her mood and overall well being and her body she dropped alot of fat and gained lean muscle.
anyone who says it's worthless hasn't done it properly . And it's not that expensive (well, doesn't have to be) per kit. $1,000/kit is absurd.

It works very well; however, it must be used for an extended period of time. One-two-three kits isn't going to do anything. I'd imagine that most of the negative feedback comes from people who buy $400-$600 (or more) kits expecting to see miraculous results, use 1-2, see no major results, and then bash it after what they percieve to be wasting over a grand.

You'll get a look and gains from Test+hgh that you can't get from T alone. And, as someone said, a permanence that T alone won't give.

It can, and IMO, should be run w/ IGF as well. Don't even bother with the ipse dixit arguments of "that doesn't work because of ______" -- not true; but timing is important. I take about 4iu/day of hgh and 50 µg IGF on workout days.

So ultimately, it doesn't have to be expensive per kit, but if you don't have the coin to fork out for long term use, and you don't have patience, then don't even bother.
Miss Muscle said:
What are permanent.temporary side effects for women on GH? And why is it not recommended for younger people?

i have several women that use hgh! and love it! as far as long term sides for females exactly, i dont know! but with a few women i do work with they encountered the same sides a man would ie hands numbness and joint pain! most women i see use around 1 iu a day or 1.5 eod! as far as being younger and not advised is like everything else with Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) usage let your body naturaly do it itself, if it can! to early an age with some substances can permanently damge your body structure either male or female! anyways i have several females in the mid 20s on hgh and swear by it!!!!
I got to tell, for me it have done wonders in combination with test and IGF. I have been on gh for about 1 year now. I take about 7iu's on the average. There have been time when I was taking as high as 15 iu's daily. For me it really had changed my appearance, I have become extremly lean for weighing 260, at 6 3". My skin is better, I sleep better for the most part when taking high amounts it did the opposite it was harder to sleep. Now I will tell you this, durring this pasy year I have taken Jintropin, however the majority of the time it have been the generic blue tops. I have also taken it in combination with Test, and other gear. I also had great probably the best results along with IGF-lr3. My joints and connective tissue feels better and I have healed quicker and respond quicker from minor set back due to training. For me it has been worth the cost. I am lucky enough to earn a good living, that afords me the ability to take the high iu's. Good luck ! MLB #56 Miami Dolphins - without a coach for now !