High Performance Blender

Stud Diesel

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Just in case some of you aren’t aware of this product, here’s my personal experience.

If you’re like me, you use your blender everyday. Of course if you’re simply using your blender to mix protein powders, then there’s no need to read any further—just stick with your current model because this blender will definitely be overkill for you.

On the other hand if, like me, you like to make carrot juice out of raw carrots, broccoli juice, fresh apple juice, even fresh peanut butter using raw peanuts, then this blender is the absolute bomb!

After burning out 3 different brands of blenders, (no joke!) I knew I was ready to invest in a Vita-Mix. It is easily one of the best nutritional investments I’ve made. It shows no signs of quitting on me. I’ve made countless tubs of fresh peanut butter, which is probably the hardest thing on the motor, and after two years, it is still going strong. You think the natural peanut butter is good? Wait until you try your own fresh mix. Comes with an extensive recipe book.

they're much better than juicers that end up discarding most of the fiber and other good stuff; whole carrots, apples, peeled oranges etc. work well; even the seeds get ground up enough that the drink isn't gritty. I don't think most regular blenders have enough HP to do that.
The stainless steel blenders are awesome too. I make a ton of protein shakes at my shop everyday so a regular blender wouldn't do cuz I'd burn them out so fast. So, I went to a restaurant supply place and bought a stainless steel blender and it's amazing. It cost me I think $100 or maybe it was $200, I can't remember. But anyway, it's awesome!